South Florida Auto Rental

Are you traveling soon to Florida? Here some basics on how to rent a car in Florida.

When imagining your trip to Miami or Florida, you may have dreamed about the convenience of renting a car. Moving not only in South Beach or downtown but to go even further and extend your experience to the south and experience the ideal sunsets of Key West.

For others who may prefer to move around by public transportation, in cities like Miami, that is not a realistic option. So, unless all you want is to lie down on the perfect South Beach and not move from the area, you will need a car to be able to enjoy the trip.

As we can imagine, you might have many doubts and questions regarding the requirements of car rentals in Florida. From how to proceed with toll alternatives and types of insurance to what to do in case of an accident, don't worry, we got you. Here we provide you some answers regarding Florida car rentals.

Let's start with a common question. How expensive are south Florida auto rentals? The price of rental cars is affordable and gas is much cheaper than in Europe, for example. And if you consider our Superior Auto Experts online services, you will definitely found cheap auto rentals in South Florida. You should also consider that in most tourist areas, around cities like Miami, the parking is paid for every day of the week and almost the whole day.

Something else to consider for your car rental in South Florida is something essential: GPS. Many cities and roads are full of highways and pass through cities that can easily make you lose your route. If you want to fully enjoy your trip, we highly recommend including a GPS at the time of booking.

Some other clients commonly ask in our free consultation if there is any necessary documentation. The answer to this is we always recommend having an International Driver's License. But, if you have a Spanish driver's license, you will not need anything else to rent a car in the United States.

Now let's get to a highly spoken issue when renting a car in Florida: Tolls. If you are planning to visit Disney World or the Kennedy Space Center, the fastest way is to take the Florida Turnpike. This toll road is also interesting to get to places like West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale. But here, as anywhere you go in Florida, you will find a Toll system. Generally, you will probably be offered a prepaid toll service. Each company we work with is organized in different ways as to what they charge for this, but it is up to you whether to accept it or not. If you do, highway travel will be much faster, as you will just get in the appropriate lane when you see a sign that says SunPass, E-PASS, or LeeWay, and that will be it. If you need more information regarding this, please feel free to consult us.

Florida is a paradise for shopping lovers. From clothing to technology, we are sure that your family will find an unbeaten experience driving to all the malls Florida has to offer and enjoy the commodity of having a car to move the bags after a long day of shopping.

In conclusion, you will find renting a car in Florida with us will be the best choice. You will take better advantage of the places, optimize your time, travel with more peace of mind and comfort, and focus on what really matters: enjoying yourself. 

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